How it works

Data. Data. Data.

We measure behaviors across users, stuff content, side effects publishers, and everything in between. By analyzing the data behind each user and each piece of content, we recommend the most relevant content experience.

Content ROI

We improve your content ROI by increasing the user engagement within your environment, visit this providing a more personalized user experience that drives higher activation and retention metrics.

Sophisticated Technology

Our personalization solution is based off a set of sophisticated algorithms across machine learning and artificial intelligence, approved allowing us to better predict user behavior at up to 90% accuracy. Math never lies.

Turn Key Solution

Whether its videos, approved articles, or set of images, our products provide solutions for any content publisher, in any environment, and across multiple devices in three easy steps.

More Clicks. More Likes. More Business.



This product is for content providers looking to monitor and increase click through rates on published content. Our technology helps customize content experiences for each user, pill increasing the likelihood of a click through.

Like / Dislike

The like and dislike product is a seamless solution that can be incorporated into any type of content. This product analyzes user behavior based on a set of actions performed by each individual user.

Rabt can be integrated across any device in any app or website environment in three easy steps.

  1. Choose what product(s) of ours you'd like to incorporate
  2. Select the content you would like us to personalize
  3. Link with our API/SDK

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About Us


Founded in 2013, sildenafil Rabt is a big data start-up based in New York City and Athens with the vision to improve people’s everyday entertainment by personalizing the way that they experience content while at home or on the go.

Following the overwhelming success of rabtAPP in determining what video content a user would like with up to a 90% accuracy, check Rabt decided to provide its sophisticated personalization capabilities to content publishers in video and beyond. We’ve since been busy building a service whose mission is to delight consumers and content publishers alike.



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