5 EPIC Movies to watch in 2015

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At Rabt we choose the best video content on the web. Our team spends lots of time and effort in understanding what videos you might like, order in order to serve you with your personalized list of videos to watch. Among the videos enjoyed by our community of Rabt users we’ve noticed that movie trailers for upcoming films are amongst the most popular. So we’ve come up with the Top 5  Movies To Watch in 2015.

 Fast and Furious 7

 Vroom! Vroom! With a record $143 million during the opening, health this film holds the biggest box office weekend so far this year (“50 Shades of Grey” was the previous holder). The plot is simple… family revenge. Brien O’Conner, played by the late Paul Walker, remains the focal character in the story. Paul Walker sadly passed away in 2013 during a car accident, while the film was still in production. This was sad news for many, and left Universal Pictures in a tight bind. So the studio decided to complete the rest of the script by using digital technology to fill in the scenes Paul Walker would have played in. I’m going to watch this one tonight! What about you?

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 Terminator: Genisys

 “I’ll be back..”

And he is back! I’m talking about our beloved Terminator. The film is coming to the theatres in June and Arnold Schwarzenegger (with his natural grey hair) is the star once again. Let me remind you the storyline. In 2029, John Connor, leader of the Resistance tries to win the war against the machines. When he finds out that the enemy is going to attack him from two fronts, past & future, he decides to send his trusted friend Sgt. Kyle Reese back through time. However, Kyle discovers an unfamiliar version of the past… Will he reset the future this time? Well, I don’t know but I’m pretty sure that this movie is going to be legen-wait for it-dary!

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 Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four (Fant4stic for you, fans) is an upcoming superhero film based on the Marvel Comics series. The team of 4 young outsiders travels to an alternative universe and acquire amazing superhero abilities and now tries to save the world from an uprising tyrant. The release day is August 7, so you have to wait a little bit.

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 Avengers: Age of Ultron

If you’re really into watching Fantastic 4, I can make your waiting less painful by suggesting Avengers: Age of Ultron. The film is also about a superhero team trying to prevent the enemy – Ultron – a terrifying technological villain from destroying earth. Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye put their strengths together to save the planet once again in May! Two superhero movies in 3 months? Marvel Comics, for the win!

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 SPECTRE: James Bond

“Bond: I admire your courage, Miss…

Sylvia Trench: Trench…Sylvia Trench. I admire your luck, Mr….

Bond: Bond…James Bond.”

Its not just Terminator returning to the screen, but James Bond is too! The much-anticipated SPECTRE is the new Bond film coming to the theatres in November. Star of the James Bond series – Daniel Craig – comes face-to-face with a sinister organization named SPECTRE (an acronym of Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion). This time 007 is not only saving the world but also questioning his own future after a merger between two agencies, MI-5 & MI-6 (MI5 – Domestic Military intelligence, MI6 – foreign Military intelligence).

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 Don’t take it personally if I haven’t included a movie you’re waiting for in this top 5. You can always send your suggestions or reviews to me at olga@rabt.co.

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