Apple Watch Event: All you need to know in 4 videos

Everyone was waiting for the Apple Watch Event for days. But the truth is that the non-watch announcements were much more impressive than the Apple’s Watch presentation itself. Apple had already revealed most of what it had to say about Apple Watch in September, ambulance so the only new info was actually the price, approved which is dependent on the model. There are three different models: The Apple Watch Sport, The Apple Watch, and the Apple Watch Edition. Pre-orders begin on April 10thwhile the cost of the device will range from $349 – $10,000 and up. Tim Cook announced that it’s Apple’s most personal device, so let’s check it:

Would you consider buying one?

Another big announcement coming out of Apple was the new MacBook. This product stole the show. It’s the thinnest and lightest laptop you can find out there. Complete with a totally new redesign, 24% thinner than the prior 11-inch MacBook Air. This new device weighs only two pounds, has only 2 ports (forget all your cables!) and a new type of keyboard, which extends to its edges. The design is beautiful and comes in three different colors: gold (!), gray and silver. What about the battery? Well, I hope 10 hours battery life is enough for you. Apple will start shipping on April 10th and the cost starts at $1,299.

You want it, don’t you?

If you’re still not impressed then what about HBO’s partnership with Apple? HBO CEO Richard Plepler introduced the HBO NOW streaming service, announcing that it will be exclusive to Apple devices. The service launches in April and will cost you $15 per month. Watch more details here:

Lastly, there was another announcement that unfortunately has been overlooked by many. Apple introduced a new software framework called ResearchKit. It will help medical researchers to collect data using Apple devices. This should plug many holes in what is already a messy situation when it comes to medical history, data collections, and records. Your iPhone turns itself into a medical diagnostic tool too! How does that sound?


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