Why Google’s Chromecast is the best home media player

As a prolific gadget freak, I have tried my best to obtain every bit of wonderful technology as soon as possible, much to the dismay of my wife and our bank account.

LIFX bulbs collect dust in a corner waiting for me to find the time and a place to install them, a LeapMotion controller awaits some purpose in life sitting on my desk, the “make anything a controller” MaKey-MaKey was used once and I’m not even sure where it is at the moment, plus I’m still waiting for the Sensibo - a pod that lets you control any Air Condition unit from your smartphone - to ship as well as the Peachy 3D printer from Kickstarter. You get the idea.

When recommending content, be careful what you wish for.

Lets talk about something that has been a growing issue in the digital media world for quite some time now - the 3rd party content recommendations that have no business being presented to users during a user experience. I’m talking about those recommendation ribbons on the bottom of articles that house links from foot cream, fitness supplements, to the story behind the ex-Microsoft Exec that won’t sleep until he reinvents (…whatever it is he is looking to reinvent…I wouldn’t know because I’ve never clicked on the link).

10 Top Rated Videos Of 2014

Have you ever thought how many things you’ve discovered through the videos you watch on rabt? As we serve you the best new videos on a daily basis, you can claim that you’ve seen the most viral, epic & popular videos of 2014. You’re now informed about the latest technological trends, hacks for easier life, the best of comedy shows, extreme sport tricks, travel tips & global news.


When personalization was in its infancy stage a few years back (by that I mean name, gender, location) the topic of 1:1 personalization was more or less a myth. Today, we are seeing it peak through the clouds. Over the last year marketers and content publishers alike have welcomed 1:1 personalization with open arms simply because it's becoming more and more crucial to retain the attention of users given the content ocean out there. Why should users be presented the same content? Content that is irrelevant to their needs and wants? They shouldn't.

Content Personalization | 3 +1 Reasons Why To Personalize Content On The Web

Personalization has been one of the hottest trends over the last few years. For those who are not familiar with the term, personalization is a strategy of serving the most relevant content or experience for your users. In other words, each of your website visitors will see a different content while browsing depending on their past behavior, motivations or location.

The Internet Of… Funny Cat Videos!

Did you know that there is a real National Cat Day out there? On October 29th, Twitter was full of cat lovers posting photos and videos of their loved ones under the hashtag #NationalCatDay. It’s a fact that nothing can change your mood as fast as a cat video. Funny, cute and weird cats are willing to transform your difficult day at work into rainbows.

Next Time You Watch “ This Video Will Change Your Life! ”

So do videos achieve the goal of changing your bad habits? We’ve rounded up 7 of the most inspirational, tear-jerking and best performing videos, one for every day of your busy week. Grub your coffee and enjoy!

The most connected man in the World is… You!

Have you ever heard about the most connected man on Earth today? Chris Dancy uses between 300-700 devices, applications and sensors on a daily basis. He has spent more than $40,000 for all his equipment including popular gadgets such as the Fitbit wristband and Google Glass.

Are You Actually Addicted To Mobile Phones?

According to a recent research made by Flurry, you are defined as a “Mobile Addict” if you launch apps more than 60 times per day. You would be described as a “Regular User” if you launched apps under 16 times per day on average.

How To Capture Outstanding GoPro Videos

We bet you’ve seen people around you capturing their moments on their GoPro. How to make a difference and gain a few minutes of fame? Why not to be the hero you secretly want to be this summer? Take a look at these tips!

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