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RABT is an app that offers the best and the easiest way to discover and watch videos based on what users like. After signing in, the app invites the user to play a short psychographic game in order to understand his personality. After that, a personalized video feed starts immediately. By giving feedback on every video, RABT understands the user even better and keeps up showing video content based on his preferences and interests.

But First Let Me Take A Selfie

Facts, facts, facts... and hashtags!
#duckface: A “duckface” was firstly used by Rembrandt in 1630. He wanted this exact facial expression on his portrait. Don’t ask us why...
#selfie: the hashtag “selfie” was used for the first time in January 2011 by Jenniffer Lee who posted a photo of herself on Instagram.
#2000: The 1st modern selfie was taken by the first true camera phone in Japan.
#insta: That’s hard to believe, but only 5% of Instagram’s photos are selfies.

How To Make A Travel Video

During your trip: “Describing your adventure!”
Technically, there are two main tips. Simple shots are taken for approximately 5 seconds and shots with action for around 10 seconds. Include wide shots, medium shots and plenty of close-ups so your future viewer can see the details.
Plus, get in front of the camera! You might be shy or not so confident about it, but that’s what makes your film personal. If you don’t want to be alone in the shots, then talk to the locals and make an interview with them.

The Power Of Video In 10 Facts

Have you ever thought how much time you spend watching videos every day? Now compare it with the time you spent watching videos in the past. So, as you realize, online video is growing fast and especially on smartphones and tablets. With 4G networks and screens that allow watching HD and 4K videos, mobile video has proven to be far more popular than you might have guessed.

TOP5+1 Videos Of May

It's officially summer outside and everything looks much more beautiful. Birds, smiles and a soft summer breeze make us feel fine. So, should we leave everything behind? Nope! Thank yourself for the achievements you have made and remember all the nice moments of the last month. Furthermore, May was full of great videos that made us laugh, think and react. Ready to remember them? Here's our TOP 5+1 videos for the month of May. Oh, and if you haven’t downloaded the rabt app, wait no more: Link to video madness!

The Most Useful “How to’s” Videos

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine? No doubt you have typed the phrase “How To's …” into YouTube’s search bar plenty of times in order to find travel-guides, cook recipes, software tutorials and more useful stuff. That’s why we chose what is probably the most practical theme of our blog until now. So, sit down, keep notes and get ready to impress your friends next time!

TOP 9+1 Latest Movies Coming Soon. Which is your favorite?

Have you noticed that there are plenty of new movies and trailers coming out at this part of the year? Every spring, you face the dilemma of what to watch first. Believe us though; you are not the only confused person out there. So, in order to make your life easier we have included the most promising movies in our category named “Film&Entertainment”.

Are you ready for Google Glass?

People keep saying that this year is all about wearable technology. We’ve already seen some smart watches, but the huge buzz is around Google Glass. Last week on March 15 and for 24 hours, everyone could finally order a pair of Google Glass. The product was sold out, even though the price seemed to be high. Google hasn’t announced yet how many pairs were sold, but let’s talk about the product itself and its features.

5+1 Popular Messaging Apps

In fact, the popularity of instant message apps is growing fast around the world. According to KRDS Social Media Agency, Chinese cumulative mobile instant messaging accounts hit 1,48 billion in 2013, 90% of the population of Brazil uses messaging apps, and Russia follows with 75% of its population. For those who are wondering what these apps are, we have the answer: they are mobile applications that allow smartphones users to send messages to each other through.

How to choose a theme for your first Time lapse video!

Nowadays, time-lapse videos have become really popular and YouTube is one of the channels you can find thousands of them. Time-lapse describes a technique that creates a video by recording a large sequence of photos taken over time and playing them later in high speed. Indeed this technique is trendy, but if you think you can make a time-lapse video of everything then you are actually wrong.

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