Drones are already a part of today!

A few days ago while searching the Web for new high quality videos we found one showing an amazing Alaskan landscape. More specifically, it was made with a drone flying into the most beautiful ice caves, and it was so beautiful that we watched this video twice. Then there was the question: if a drone can reach outstanding and undiscovered places, what else can it do? Are they gonna take a big part of tomorrow’s reality? Or drones are already a part of today?

Is it all about personalization today?

So is it all about personalization today?
First of all, personalization highlights the differences between individuals. According to Wikipedia, Personalization technology enables the dynamic insertion, customization or suggestion of content in any format that is relevant to the individual user, based on the user’s implicit behaviour and preferences, and explicitly given details.

Mashable: App Curates YouTube Videos Based on Your Tastes!

A startup based in New York and Greece is attempting to change the way we watch videos online with its app, rabt — pronounced "rabbit" — which launched in the iTunes store on Monday.

The app creates a custom-curated playlist for iPads and iPhones by selecting from a database of over 500 videos. The videos are initially selected by a team of curators, and are then customized for individuals based on reactions to the videos they've watched.

About rabt

rabt is the ultimate mobile video app for those who want to watch exceptional video content on their mobile device, but are short on time. Using a smart combination of human curation and proprietary algorithms, rabt learns viewer preferences and generates a custom feed of premium quality video from major media publishers. rabt was founded in Athens, Greece and has its global headquarters in New York City. The company is funded by a global group of angel investors, and recently received top honors and funding from the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award.

We are a group of video-addicted entrepreneurs, statistic geeks and tech ninjas with a singular mission –

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