Content Personalization Startup Rabt Closed Seed Funding Round Led by VCs and Angel Investors in the United States, Europe and China

Rabt is the personalization solution for content providers in video, articles and beyond. It marries big data, machine learning, and predictive science to drive higher user engagement and retention metrics.

5 EPIC Movies to watch in 2015

Bond: I admire your courage, Miss...
Sylvia Trench: Trench...Sylvia Trench. I admire your luck, Mr....
Bond: Bond...James Bond.”

Among the videos enjoyed by our community of Rabt users we’ve noticed that movie trailers for upcoming films are amongst the most popular. So we’ve come up with the Top 5 “Must Watch” Movies in 2015.

Apple Watch Event: All you need to know in 4 videos

Everyone was waiting for the Apple Watch Event for days. But the truth is that the non-watch announcements were much more impressive than the Apple’s Watch presentation itself. Apple had already revealed most of what it had to say about Apple Watch in September, so the only new info was actually the price, which is dependent on the model.

Top 10 YouTube celebrities

How many YouTube celebrities do you know? Yeah that’s right, our beloved YouTube has its own celebrities and some of them are even more famous than award winning artists with stars on Hollywood’s walk of fame. They are growing so much that these YouTube stars are earning more than some mainstream artists in film and music.

10 Top Rated Videos Of 2014

Have you ever thought how many things you’ve discovered through the videos you watch on rabt? As we serve you the best new videos on a daily basis, you can claim that you’ve seen the most viral, epic & popular videos of 2014. You’re now informed about the latest technological trends, hacks for easier life, the best of comedy shows, extreme sport tricks, travel tips & global news.

The Internet Of… Funny Cat Videos!

Did you know that there is a real National Cat Day out there? On October 29th, Twitter was full of cat lovers posting photos and videos of their loved ones under the hashtag #NationalCatDay. It’s a fact that nothing can change your mood as fast as a cat video. Funny, cute and weird cats are willing to transform your difficult day at work into rainbows.

Next Time You Watch “ This Video Will Change Your Life! ”

So do videos achieve the goal of changing your bad habits? We’ve rounded up 7 of the most inspirational, tear-jerking and best performing videos, one for every day of your busy week. Grub your coffee and enjoy!

The most connected man in the World is… You!

Have you ever heard about the most connected man on Earth today? Chris Dancy uses between 300-700 devices, applications and sensors on a daily basis. He has spent more than $40,000 for all his equipment including popular gadgets such as the Fitbit wristband and Google Glass.

Are You Actually Addicted To Mobile Phones?

According to a recent research made by Flurry, you are defined as a “Mobile Addict” if you launch apps more than 60 times per day. You would be described as a “Regular User” if you launched apps under 16 times per day on average.

How To Capture Outstanding GoPro Videos

We bet you’ve seen people around you capturing their moments on their GoPro. How to make a difference and gain a few minutes of fame? Why not to be the hero you secretly want to be this summer? Take a look at these tips!

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