Content Personalization: A Secret Driver of the Over-The-Top Revolution

It’s no secret that over-the-top content (OTT) services, the delivery of audio, video and other media over the Internet are on the rise. Netflix’s stock price has more than doubled since January of this year, CBS All Access has been available since October 2014 for just $5.99 a month with no cable subscription necessary, and HBO has followed suit by launching a standalone service on April 7.

One of the obvious influencers in this trend is the increasing connectivity of TVs through devices such as Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, and connected gaming systems. These devices allow for long-form video OTT providers, such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, to publish their content in an easily viewed and more traditional manner on your TV. Another important underlying force in this ‘cut the cable’ generation is the improvement in content personalization engines implemented by OTT providers.

A Message To Media Executives Everywhere – Winter Is Coming…

As a millennial, I'm writing this open letter to all those responsible for publishing video content ... to all the Over-the-top (OTT), Video On-demand (VOD), Cable Providers, and Media Companies out there. What I'm about to say isn't anything new. It's been pondered about for some time now. I hope that this time around, those responsible for the video watching experience do something about it. The fear is brewing that if you are not able to adapt to the changing media landscape you wont survive for much longer.

Dear Video Media Executive ...

Content Personalization Startup Rabt Closed Seed Funding Round Led by VCs and Angel Investors in the United States, Europe and China

Rabt is the personalization solution for content providers in video, articles and beyond. It marries big data, machine learning, and predictive science to drive higher user engagement and retention metrics.

Smart homes of tomorrow

Content personalization is a cool thing. Smart technology and algorithms are even closer than you think though. Did you know that there are homes that also predict your behavior? They're called "Smart Homes" … and they are the homes of tomorrow. A smart home is a building equipped with advanced automation systems that can be controlled remotely by your smartphone or computer. That means you are able to check on the Internet if the heating is on and if the dinner is cooked.

5 EPIC Movies to watch in 2015

Bond: I admire your courage, Miss...
Sylvia Trench: Trench...Sylvia Trench. I admire your luck, Mr....
Bond: Bond...James Bond.”

Among the videos enjoyed by our community of Rabt users we’ve noticed that movie trailers for upcoming films are amongst the most popular. So we’ve come up with the Top 5 “Must Watch” Movies in 2015.

Apple Watch Event: All you need to know in 4 videos

Everyone was waiting for the Apple Watch Event for days. But the truth is that the non-watch announcements were much more impressive than the Apple’s Watch presentation itself. Apple had already revealed most of what it had to say about Apple Watch in September, so the only new info was actually the price, which is dependent on the model.

Meet the rabt team | Argiris Ntalianis, our backend developer

Hello folks,

You probably already know that we’re the hard-working team behind the rabt. But aren’t you curious about who we actually are? So, I think it’s time to meet the geeks who do their best in making your personalized video experience awesome and the content personalization on your website unique. Let’s go back in time for our first hire, let’s go back in our back-end development. It’s Argiris Ntalianis’ turn, guys!

Why Google’s Chromecast is the best home media player

As a prolific gadget freak, I have tried my best to obtain every bit of wonderful technology as soon as possible, much to the dismay of my wife and our bank account.

LIFX bulbs collect dust in a corner waiting for me to find the time and a place to install them, a LeapMotion controller awaits some purpose in life sitting on my desk, the “make anything a controller” MaKey-MaKey was used once and I’m not even sure where it is at the moment, plus I’m still waiting for the Sensibo - a pod that lets you control any Air Condition unit from your smartphone - to ship as well as the Peachy 3D printer from Kickstarter. You get the idea.

About rabt

rabt is the ultimate mobile video app for those who want to watch exceptional video content on their mobile device, but are short on time. Using a smart combination of human curation and proprietary algorithms, rabt learns viewer preferences and generates a custom feed of premium quality video from major media publishers. rabt was founded in Athens, Greece and has its global headquarters in New York City. The company is funded by a global group of angel investors, and recently received top honors and funding from the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award.

We are a group of video-addicted entrepreneurs, statistic geeks and tech ninjas with a singular mission –

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