Meet the rabt team | Argiris Ntalianis, our backend developer

Hello folks, discount

 You probably already know that we’re the hard-working team behind the rabt. But aren’t you curious about who we actually are? So, ask I think it’s time to meet the geeks who do their best in making your personalized video experience awesome and the content personalization on your website unique. Let’s go back in time for our first hire, viagra buy let’s go back in our back-end development. It’s Argiris Ntalianis’ turn, guys!

 Argiris, what is your role at rabt?

 I am a backend developer, which means that I work on the backbone of our application and our B2B product and make sure they run smoothly. Moreover, according to our needs we discuss, with our CEO and my colleagues, about new services and products and then implement them.

 What do you find more exciting in your job?

 The most exciting thing about my job is that every single day you learn something new or you have to learn something new. :)

 What’s the biggest challenge you have faced as a Backend Developer?

 Optimization. Optimization. Optimization. Trying to find different ways to deal with more and more data in less and less time with the resources that you currently have.

 What’s the best video of all time according to you?

 There are so many videos that could very easily be my best, but if I had to choose one:

 Also, don’t forget that if you think you can be a part of our team, feel free to send us your CV 😉

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