How To Capture Outstanding GoPro Videos

We bet you’ve seen people around you capturing their moments on their GoPro. How to make a difference and gain a few minutes of fame? Why not to be the hero you secretly want to be this summer? Take a look at these tips!

How To Make A Travel Video

During your trip: “Describing your adventure!”
Technically, there are two main tips. Simple shots are taken for approximately 5 seconds and shots with action for around 10 seconds. Include wide shots, medium shots and plenty of close-ups so your future viewer can see the details.
Plus, get in front of the camera! You might be shy or not so confident about it, but that’s what makes your film personal. If you don’t want to be alone in the shots, then talk to the locals and make an interview with them.

The Most Useful “How to’s” Videos

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine? No doubt you have typed the phrase “How To's …” into YouTube’s search bar plenty of times in order to find travel-guides, cook recipes, software tutorials and more useful stuff. That’s why we chose what is probably the most practical theme of our blog until now. So, sit down, keep notes and get ready to impress your friends next time!

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