Content Personalization: A Secret Driver of the Over-The-Top Revolution

It’s no secret that over-the-top content (OTT) services, the delivery of audio, video and other media over the Internet are on the rise. Netflix’s stock price has more than doubled since January of this year, CBS All Access has been available since October 2014 for just $5.99 a month with no cable subscription necessary, and HBO has followed suit by launching a standalone service on April 7.

One of the obvious influencers in this trend is the increasing connectivity of TVs through devices such as Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, and connected gaming systems. These devices allow for long-form video OTT providers, such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, to publish their content in an easily viewed and more traditional manner on your TV. Another important underlying force in this ‘cut the cable’ generation is the improvement in content personalization engines implemented by OTT providers.

A Message To Media Executives Everywhere – Winter Is Coming…

As a millennial, I'm writing this open letter to all those responsible for publishing video content ... to all the Over-the-top (OTT), Video On-demand (VOD), Cable Providers, and Media Companies out there. What I'm about to say isn't anything new. It's been pondered about for some time now. I hope that this time around, those responsible for the video watching experience do something about it. The fear is brewing that if you are not able to adapt to the changing media landscape you wont survive for much longer.

Dear Video Media Executive ...

Smart homes of tomorrow

Content personalization is a cool thing. Smart technology and algorithms are even closer than you think though. Did you know that there are homes that also predict your behavior? They're called "Smart Homes" … and they are the homes of tomorrow. A smart home is a building equipped with advanced automation systems that can be controlled remotely by your smartphone or computer. That means you are able to check on the Internet if the heating is on and if the dinner is cooked.

Top 10 YouTube celebrities

How many YouTube celebrities do you know? Yeah that’s right, our beloved YouTube has its own celebrities and some of them are even more famous than award winning artists with stars on Hollywood’s walk of fame. They are growing so much that these YouTube stars are earning more than some mainstream artists in film and music.

10 Top Rated Videos Of 2014

Have you ever thought how many things you’ve discovered through the videos you watch on rabt? As we serve you the best new videos on a daily basis, you can claim that you’ve seen the most viral, epic & popular videos of 2014. You’re now informed about the latest technological trends, hacks for easier life, the best of comedy shows, extreme sport tricks, travel tips & global news.


When personalization was in its infancy stage a few years back (by that I mean name, gender, location) the topic of 1:1 personalization was more or less a myth. Today, we are seeing it peak through the clouds. Over the last year marketers and content publishers alike have welcomed 1:1 personalization with open arms simply because it's becoming more and more crucial to retain the attention of users given the content ocean out there. Why should users be presented the same content? Content that is irrelevant to their needs and wants? They shouldn't.

The Internet Of… Funny Cat Videos!

Did you know that there is a real National Cat Day out there? On October 29th, Twitter was full of cat lovers posting photos and videos of their loved ones under the hashtag #NationalCatDay. It’s a fact that nothing can change your mood as fast as a cat video. Funny, cute and weird cats are willing to transform your difficult day at work into rainbows.

Next Time You Watch “ This Video Will Change Your Life! ”

So do videos achieve the goal of changing your bad habits? We’ve rounded up 7 of the most inspirational, tear-jerking and best performing videos, one for every day of your busy week. Grub your coffee and enjoy!

How To Capture Outstanding GoPro Videos

We bet you’ve seen people around you capturing their moments on their GoPro. How to make a difference and gain a few minutes of fame? Why not to be the hero you secretly want to be this summer? Take a look at these tips!

Rabt news | Personalized video is now on android too!

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