Top 10 YouTube celebrities

How many YouTube celebrities do you know? Yeah that’s right, our beloved YouTube has its own celebrities and some of them are even more famous than award winning artists with stars on Hollywood’s walk of fame. They are growing so much that these YouTube stars are earning more than some mainstream artists in film and music.

The Power Of Video In 10 Facts

Have you ever thought how much time you spend watching videos every day? Now compare it with the time you spent watching videos in the past. So, as you realize, online video is growing fast and especially on smartphones and tablets. With 4G networks and screens that allow watching HD and 4K videos, mobile video has proven to be far more popular than you might have guessed.

The Most Useful “How to’s” Videos

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine? No doubt you have typed the phrase “How To's …” into YouTube’s search bar plenty of times in order to find travel-guides, cook recipes, software tutorials and more useful stuff. That’s why we chose what is probably the most practical theme of our blog until now. So, sit down, keep notes and get ready to impress your friends next time!

TOP 9+1 Latest Movies Coming Soon. Which is your favorite?

Have you noticed that there are plenty of new movies and trailers coming out at this part of the year? Every spring, you face the dilemma of what to watch first. Believe us though; you are not the only confused person out there. So, in order to make your life easier we have included the most promising movies in our category named “Film&Entertainment”.

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