Top 10 YouTube celebrities

How many YouTube celebrities do you know? Yeah that’s right, symptoms our beloved YouTube has its own celebrities and some of them are even more famous than award winning artists with stars on Hollywood’s walk of fame. They are growing so much that these YouTube stars are earning more than some mainstream artists in film and music.

So who are these YouTube stars? You might recognize some of the names below, no rx as we have been featuring them on our mobile app.

  • PiewDiePie, store with 34,820,537 subscribers and 7,993,195,952 views on his channel. It first came to mind that he adhered only to teenagers, but after watching this video … I subscribed to his channel. Although not the best video game player out there, he’s a praised commentator. That’s exactly what makes him so funny.
  • Smosh, with 19,837, 542 subscribers and 4,090,587,194 views. This group of famous artists is growing in popularity. Find out why by watching their welcome video.  
  • Jenna Marbles, with 14,748167 subscribers and 1,691,041,235 views. This girl is just adorable for her honesty. She’s the one I could see myself hanging out with at the mall. What is she vlogging about? Everything and anything! Check this one out for example.
  • Ryan Higa, with 13,826,864 subscribers and 2,084,129,152 views. Ryan started in 2006 and has been growing like wildfire. He gets an A+ for video affects in my book. If you like this video, I recommend following him.
  • CollegeHumor, with 9,118,484 subscribers and 3,369,004,118 views. CollegeHumor videos are no strangers to funny content, and your vote ups on our mobile app show that you love their video content too. Here’s my favorite video, what’s yours?
  • KSI, with 8,571,481 subscribers and 1,455,084,809 views. This superstar adheres to the teenager crowd, and since I’m not sixteen anymore that’s probably the reason I wasn’t so hooked. However, most other teenagers are. Check this teen-star out.
  • VitalyzdTV, with 7,939,831 subs and 919,146,824 views. This Russian guy is a grade “A” prankster. His pranks are made not only to make you laugh but to also show you the other side of people. Here, take a look at his latest video! Can we compare Vitaly to Remi Gailliard? Let me know!
  • fouseyTUBE, with 4,899,403 subscribers and 552,393,824 views. Another prankster who is doing a great job pranking people. Ready for some action?  Enjoy this video.
  • Marques Brownlee, with 2,252,175 subscribers and 218,440,050 views. This tech geek is one of my personal favorites. He can easily be described as the mobile phones guru. I actually bought my smartphone because of his review and had no doubts it was a great choice. Enjoy one of his best videos here!
  • DaveHax, with 827,775 subscribers and 154,565,474 views. He started 2,5 years ago and is getting popular by the day. His videos get a huge amount of “vote ups” on rabt. I recommend putting this guy on you favorites shortlist. His life hacks are informative, and use them everyday.

It would take a long while to list all the YouTube stars out there, so this is just a shortlist of celebrities growing in popularity. You wonder why they spend so much time in front of a webcam, because they have fun doing it and earn thousands – if not millions – of dollars doing it. Commercials that play before videos on YouTube are called pre-roll advertisements; YouTubers can become YouTube partners and be paid for a specific number of watched pre-rolls. How much are some of these stars earning? From $1 million to $7+million annually… That’s a lot of dough!

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